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The Logical Edge

Is it time to look at how you warehouse and distribute your products? Logical Logistics offers our customers immediate access to our complete, integrated solution. A solution designed to minimize costs while reducing or eliminating capital expenditures.  Put The Logical Edge to work for your business.

Technology Logical Logistics WMS provides 24/7 real time access to a broad array of customer critical information. We provide you with the data needed to manage your business.

Warehouse and Distribution

Located right off Interstate 80 in Mount Olive, NJ, we provide complete fulfillment services. Our 210,000 sq. foot state of the art facility offers both air-conditioned and ambient temperature storage. Security is 24/7 and a complete WMS with real time barcoding provides total online visibility.

We are located in the International Trade Center, within Foreign Trade Zone # 44.
350 Clark Drive Mount Olive, NJ 07828.

Transportation Experts

Your freight will move on our trucks. We recognize that every customer is different. Our fully integrated supply chain solutions are both powerful and customizable - to fit your needs. We strive to be a trusted partner with every customer. Our long-term customer retention rates are excellent and well known throughout the industry.